Recycling Council of Alberta Presents

League of Extraordinary Recyclers

Knocking Out Waste

Trevor Nickel

Trevor is currently the President of the Alberta Bottle Depot Association, the industry association representing the more than 215 depots across Alberta. Trevor also sits as a director on the Recycling Council of Alberta. In addition, he is an Executive Advisor to Innovative Reduction Solutions Inc.

Trevor has a decade of experience in entrepreneurship in the waste-reduction industry. He helped found the Alternative Energy Technology program at NAIT and instructed Business Fundamentals to the first two classes to graduate from that program, many of whom have become successful entrepreneurs. Trevor combines a passion for environmental improvement with building profitable businesses and developing strong communities. He was involved with the development and implementation of the Hairy Hill anaerobic digester that operated using organics from the Metro-Edmonton region for several years.

Trevor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta and an MBA in Natural Resources and Energy from the Alberta School of Business.

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