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Knocking Out Waste

Tracey Boutilier

A graduate of St. FX and Dalhousie Universities, Tracey holds two science degrees, first in Biology and the second Honouring in Environmental Microbiology. She has worked in the Waste Management Industry for over 18 years, ranging from the municipal, non-profit, provincial and industrial sectors. Prior to joining the RMWB four years ago, Tracey held the position of Waste Management Specialist for Shell Albian Sands. She has also had various waste management positions across Eastern Canada, including her home province of Nova Scotia.

Tracey has returned to the municipal sector where she holds the position as Supervisor of Waste Processing with the RMWB. Within her current position, some of the projects Tracey has been instrumental with are: the biosolid composting, regulatory compliance, recyclables marketing, special waste management, leachate monitoring and landfill gas management.

From her recent involvement with the Regional Emergency Operations Committee during the 2016 Wildfire, where she oversaw the environmental testing, Tracey has been selected as a member of the Wood Buffalo Recovery Task Force as an Environmental Advisor.

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