Recycling Council of Alberta Presents

League of Extraordinary Recyclers

Knocking Out Waste

Sabine Weber

Sabine worked for nearly twenty years in Europe as product manager/head of design in the fashion industry and international buyer/team leader in retail for different brands before she came to Canada six years ago. She worked as a college instructor and taught courses in fashion marketing, product knowledge, sustainable fashion, product management, and international trade. While teaching at Humber College, she discovered her passion for ethical and sustainable fashion and decided to go back to university to earn a Master’s degree in Environment and Resource Studies at U Waterloo with a focus in waste management and social marketing. In her thesis she examined textile waste and studied the ways consumers manage their unwanted garments in order to developed strategies to change behaviour. In December 2015, she founded Sustainable Strategies & Solutions, for which she currently works on different consultant projects. In September 2016, Sabine will go back to U Waterloo for a PhD in Social Innovation.

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