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Knocking Out Waste

Leigh-Anne Palter

Leigh-Anne Palter is the CEO of Chestermere Utilities Inc. (CUI), serving an urban population of nearly 20,000 residents with innovative delivery of essential services. These services currently include solid waste removal, enhanced curbside recycling and organics collection, potable water distribution, storm water and wastewater collection.

Bordering the City of Calgary, Chestermere has experienced population growth of 230 per cent in the last decade; this rapid residential development has put increasing demand on the expansion of the utility system. Under Leigh-Anne’s leadership, CUI invested $5.3 million in new assets in 2015 and added 14.8 km of pipe to the system. In addition, CUI made the transition from conventional solid waste disposal to enhanced curbside collection of recycling and organics in 2015.

Leigh-Anne holds an MBA from Queen’s University. She is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years progressive experience working in the energy and utilities sectors. She held a variety of senior executive portfolios within EPCOR Utilities in Alberta and Ontario and before taking on her current role at CUI in 2015, Leigh-Anne was a Partner at a national executive search firm.

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