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Knocking Out Waste

Scott Parent

Scott Parent, his partner Tatiana, and their daughter Thalassa had been living in Canmore, AB, when they purchased a 5 acre piece of land on the Bruce Peninsula, in Ontario, back in 2008. The land had buildings, a well, septic, and hydro, with potential for gardens and the opportunity to build a small family farm. As part of the Niagara Escarpment, the land has unique rock features, water drainages, and sensitive ecosystems. The land had something else. Garbage. A previous owner to the land the Parents now call home permitted locals to use parts of the land as a local dump site. Underneath the wasteland, Scott and his partner Tatiana believed the land to be unique and worth the work involved to reclaim it back to health, by cleaning up the mess and building anew. Even more, they found it to be the ultimate shared adventure to raise their house and family on the land through the process. The family lived in a cabin while building their home using local materials and constructing using the timber frame method used by local barn builders in the last century. Things move a little slower for the Parent family on the farm, due to the hands-on educational participation the children have with every aspect of raising the farm, and restoring the land. Scott and Thalassa share the story and photographs of their family journey, and make visible the unique ecosystems and environment that had been threatened by waste and mismanaged use of the land.

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